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Whale Watching on the Coast

Whale watching is one of our favorite sports on the Sonoma/Mendocino Coast.  We start watching the California Gray Whale around about late October, when they begin to travel down our coast.  They leave their summer home off Alaska each year on a journey of thousands of miles to Baja California.

During the Spring migration, when the Gray whales are returning north to their summer feeding grounds, mother’s and babies are generally seen quite close to shore.

Although the California Gray Whale is our most frequent visitor, humpbacks, orcas and blues are occasionally seen.

To spot whales, scan the ocean on a day when thee are few whitecaps.  Look for the distinctive puff of white spray as they exhale once or twice before diving for several minutes at a time.

Plan a visit here to the coast soon to see houses and maybe a whale or two!

Author: Rosemary Campiformio, CRS, SRES, CSSR

I have been a coastal resident for almost 40 years and a real estate professional since 1978. I originally moved to the area to open a tax and accounting office in downtown Gualala. During that time I became a co-owner of Saint Orres Fine Dining and Lodging and have been operating this landmark Inn for over 36 years. With a long history of selling real estate I eventually operated my own independent real estate firm: Campiformio and Company, Rare Earth Real Estate until joining Kennedy & Associates as a Broker Associate in 2011. I am a member of the board of directors of the Gualala Arts Center and the Redwood Coast Medical Services and an active forager and falconer. All of this experience emerges as a profound love for this wild Mendocino-Sonoma Coast... its land and its exceptional community.

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