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  • Jul 14, 2017
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Relief from the PAIN

Real estate transactions rarely go smoothly.  There’s always a blip somewhere along the line- a “pain point”.  Many of these common pain points can be managed by an experienced agent that not only knows the pitfalls but works to avoid them if possible.  Financing and inspections kill many deals.  Being able to navigate those stormy waters takes guidance and patience.  Emotions on both sides can run high and having an agent with a calm presence and expertise can hold many transactions together that might have otherwise “blown-up”.  Additionally getting a listing priced right in the first place plays a huge part in avoiding problems all along the transaction, from negotiating the purchase price to getting the appraisal.  The Kennedy agents are skilled in dealing with these “land mines”.

Author: Jeff Ortman

Having spent my entire career in sales and marketing, I understand the importance of establishing a trusting relationship and being a resource to my clients. I have owned property on the North coast for the past 20 years. My goal is to represent my clients with the highest level of professionalism and assure their complete satisfaction.

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