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Area Information

cl_cliffKennedy & Associates Real Estate serves the area from Fort Ross in northern Sonoma County to Elk in southern Mendocino county. This magnificent stretch of coastline is known for its rugged beauty and quiet wilderness. With the tranquil pace of coastal living, and our natural splendor, this area attracts a wide variety of residents that includes ranchers, loggers, trades people, writers, artists and professionals. More than 50 miles of spectacular coastline with coves and sandy beaches provide access for fishing, scuba diving, sea kayaking, surfing or just strolling and tidepooling.

The migration of the California Gray Whales is one of nature’s events on our coast you would not want to miss. These enormous mammals pass the coast from November through February on their journey south, where they give birth to their young in the warm waters of Baja, California. Returning on their trip north beginning in February and continuing through April when the adult whales bring their young close to shore. At times, they can be seen scraping their barnacles on the rocks or rolling in the surf, truly a site to remember! Other ocean creatures that can be seen in their natural environment are the playful sea lions, harbor seals, and Brown Pelicans.

Fresh-caught local seafood highlights menus at many of our fine restaurants. Our chefs, taking great pride in the selection of indigenous foods and wines, create unique culinary delights. Many dining establishments offer breathtaking views of the ocean. See the Coast Dining Guide for more information.

The Redwood Coast offers a number of recreations for the active lifestyle. On The Sea Ranch, there is a Scottish-style 18-hole golf links open to the public. Just north, Gualala boasts sea and river kayaking, canoeing, ocean and river fishing, abalone and scuba diving, hiking, biking, tennis, and our local fitness center offers memberships and drop-in privileges. For those looking to relax and unwind, our coastal area has bodywork practitioners offering massage and other therapies, both in-house and out-call to rooms or vacation homes.

Highway One is the lifeline and Main Street to the towns along the coast. Art galleries and shops, with a wide variety of gifts from local artisans, offer a quality selection for the most discerning shopper.

If the slower pace of a coastal country life-style appeals to you, take a look at ourFeatured Properties. We offer a wide variety of homes and lots from ocean bluffs and meadows to coastal ridges and forest.

Our Redwood Coast area runs parallel to northern California’s scenic Coast Highway One from Fort Ross in northern Sonoma County to Elk in southern Mendocino County. Mid-way, on the bluff just north of the Gualala River, lies Gualala, a name derived from a Native American word meaning “water coming down place”. The Gualala River marks the Sonoma/Mendocino county line as it winds its way from the coastal mountains and empties into the Pacific Ocean just south of the village. Gualala is a year-round, working community of a few thousand residents, servicing the surrounding areas. These areas include to the south; The Sea Ranch, Annapolis, Stewarts Point, Salt Point, Timber Cove and Fort Ross, and to the north, Anchor Bay, Point Arena, Manchester, Irish Beach and Elk. Originally settled by the coastal Pomo Indians, the redwood coast became a booming logging and fishing region in the late 1800’s. Our local economy is now based primarily on tourism and visitor support services.

Law enforcement is provided by both Mendocino and Sonoma County Sheriff’s Departments and fire protection by four local volunteer fire departments (VFD’s) and CAL-Fire.

Health care for coast residents is available through our local medical clinic, Redwood Coast Medical Services, located in Gualala providing 24-hour emergency services; a medical office in Point Arena; a 24-hour ambulance service staffed by paramedics and EMT’s.  Air ambulance service is available. The Redwood Coast also supports two pharmacies, dental offices, chiropractors and several alternative medical and bodywork practitioners.

The Mendocino & Sonoma County Boards of Supervisors oversee the unincorporated areas of the Redwood Coast. A mayor and city council govern Point Arena as the southernmost incorporated city in Mendocino County.

The Redwood Coast area supports two airports. The Ocean Ridge Airport, located on the ridge in Gualala, accepts a maximum weight limit of 8,000 pounds (fully loaded). They do not allow jets, prop jets, King Air or ultralites. For more information the contact number is (707) 884-3573. The Sea Ranch Airport is a private airport located on The Sea Ranch. For details and limitations the contact number is (707) 785-2444.

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[tabname]General Climate[/tabname]
With minimal differences between the seasons, the enchanting stretch of coastline from Anchor Bay south to The Sea Ranch usually has a more temperate climate, the locals call this area the “Banana Belt”. The temperature, in spring, has actually been recorded as much as 20 degrees warmer than the Fort Bragg/Mendocino area, approximately 50 miles up the coast.

Typical winter temperatures range from 35F- 65F. Summer temperatures range from 50F- 75F on the coast, with higher temperatures on the ridge and inland areas. In summer, the coast has frequent morning fog and northwest sea breezes (our natural air conditioner) clearing in the afternoons. Nights are cool most of the year. Typical annual rainfall averages 40″ to 68″, most of which occurs between November and May. The inland ridges see a dusting of snow on a couple of occasions in winter, but it is rare to have snowfall at the ocean.
[tabname]Major Employment Opportunities[/tabname]

  • Tourism & Visitor Support Services
  • Building Trades
  • Cottage Industries, including home-based enterprises utilizing telecommuting technologies
  • Forestry related jobs
  • Real Estate
  • Schools
  • Arts & Entertainment

The Redwood Coast has a well-respected and diverse arts community. Through donations of land and labor, the Gualala Arts organization built and maintains a top-notch art center that hosts shows and classes year-round. In addition, Gualala Arts presents the renowned annual Art in the Redwoods festival the third weekend in August. Our area boasts a number of exceptional arts & craft galleries and shops. Local artists hold a Studio Discovery Tour the first two weekends in September.  The Arena Renaissance Company presents live performers and theatrical events throughout the year on the Arena Theater stage. For those ready for an evening at home, there are a number of video stores in the area, one of which is acclaimed for its exceptionally complete inventory of older and unusual films as well as new releases.

Gualala is also the home of The Tide: Radio at KTDE 100.5 FM. KTDE was established in 1989. The station broadcasts over a large area of the north coast and offers a wide variety of programming.

KGUA Radio: The NMRC (Native Media Resource Center) is a native non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization organization whose mission is to produce educational materials about Native Americans and Indigenous communities in order to promote racial harmony and cross-cultural understanding. The NMRC works in partnership with individuals, organizations and institutions such as the Native Public Telecommunications , Inc., the Smithsonian Institution Office of Telecommunications, National Museum of the American Indian and Northern California Cultural Communications, Inc (NC3). The NMRC supports the work of the Native radio system; stations, producers and media organizations.

[tabname]Parks & Camping[/tabname]

  • Gualala Point Regional Park consists of 195-acres and offers open meadows mixed with coastal forest. The park contains a campground, trail system, coastal vistas, and sandy beaches. The park is located adjacent to the Gualala River, which offers limited seasonal fishing. Gualala Point Park is popular with day hikers, picnickers and also offers a beautiful setting for small weddings. A very special cultural event took place the summer of 2014:
  • Gualala River Redwood Park a privately owned campground on River Road one mile off Highway 1, has 140 campsites amid towering redwoods by the Gualala River, open from Memorial through Labor Day weekends.
  • Anchor Bay Campground, is a small private campground in a redwood canyon adjacent to Anchor Bay (Fish Rock) Beach, and provides beach access as well as tent and RV sites.
  • Bowling Ball Beach – Click here for park information.
  • Schooner Gulch State Beach – Click here for park information.
  • Gerstle Cove Campground – Click here for park information.
  • Arena Cove at the end of Wharf Road in Point Arena boasts the Point Arena Pier for fishing and launching boats. The cove also has shops and restaurants with lodging nearby.
  • The Point Arena Lighthouse is one of the area’s most famous attractions.  It is  managed and maintained by the Point Arena Lighthouse Keeper’s, Inc., a non-profit organization. There are three vacation homes available to rent, a museum, gift shop and daily tours of the historic lighthouse.
  • Manchester Beach KOA Campground is ten miles north of Point Arena, where you can camp in the pines and walk to Manchester State Beach.
  • Gerstle Cove Campground
  • Gualala River Redwoods Park – Click here for park information.
  • Ocean Cove Campground – Click here for park information.
  • Stillwater Cove Regional Park- Stillwater Cove Regional Park, at 210 acres, offers picnic facilities and a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean from Stillwater Cove. The park has open meadows mixed with coastal forest. There is a half-mile trail leading to the historic one-room Fort Ross Schoolhouse.
  • Salt Point State Park – Click here for park information.

[tabname]Stewarts Point[/tabname]
Stewarts Point Store

Stewarts Point Store has been a family-owned business since 1868. It is a real “mercantile” with everything locals and visitors need: deli, food, clothing, hunting and fishing gear, gifts and souvenirs, supplies for campers, plus gas and oil, and a front porch where locals like to congregate for sipping coffee and talking story… visitors can receive a wealth of area information.

[tabname]Ocean Ridge Airport[/tabname]

Hours of operation: Daylight only, under VFR conditions. Must notify ahead of time to land after dark and have previous knowledge of the airstrip.

Restrictions: Less than 8,000 pounds, maximum gross. No jet-powered equipment allowed.

Runway elevation: 928 feet. Runway conditions: 2100 feet usable length 50 feet wide Hump in the middle Trees on all sides

Transmitter frequency: 122.8 (not monitored)

Weather conditions: Extreme turbulence during high winds.

Tie-down costs: $2 per night fee. No perimeter fencing. (Call for updates on fees)

**Please Note** There is no fuel or transportation available on-site. Transportation arrangements should be made ahead of time, and the pilot should bring enough fuel for the round-trip.

For more information, please call (707) 884-3573.

[tabname]The Sea Ranch Association Airstrip[/tabname]
Sea Ranch Association Airstrip

Identifier: CA51 is located at 38°42.2’N, 123°25.8’W

Elevation 360′. Runway 2605’X40′. Rwy 30 landing length: 2300′ (300′ displaced threshold)

No operations between local sunset and sunrise

No straight ins

CTAF: 122.9 TPA: 1300′

Approach: Right traffic — both runways

Depart and go-around: left turnout – both runways

Restrictions: This private airstrip is for the use of Sea Ranch Association members, their invitees, and their renters. Before landing you must have prior permission, and have read and understood this briefing. Noise sensitive area. No practice landings. No touch-and-goes.

Parked aircraft MUST have a valid Sea Ranch owner’s decal, an ID card, or a valid Sea Ranch vehicle hang tag visible to Sea Ranch Security personnel. Association members and rental agencies must provide ID to their invitees. Do not leave aircraft unattended unless ID is in place.

Sea Ranch staff cannot give weather information (use 1-800 WX BRIEF or OAK Radio 122.35).

Warnings And Unusual Conditions

Sea Ranch Association Airstrip


Rwy 12 Approach short final at 105° (Airport licensing requires this approach!!!).

Rwy 30 Departure and go around. Left turn to 190° to coast line (noise abatement).

Hills, trees, and buildings surround airstrip. Buzzards and deer in area. Check for maintenance vehicles on Rwy or on its borders. Whitecaps on ocean indicate gusty conditions. On gusty days expect wind shear, turbulence and loss of lift on short final. Check all three windsocks; one at midfield North side; one on firehouse located on 1/8 mile final to Rwy 30; and one to the left of Rwy 30’s approach end. Initiate go-arounds early NO RIGHT TURNS on Rwy 30 Departure. Hump in center of runway. (No line of sight between runway ends). Unattended. No fuel. No transportation. A pay telephone is located at ramp’s East end.

Approach: TPA 1300′ MSL

No straight ins. CTAF 122.9 (unmonitored) Announce position and intentions. If possible, also monitor 122.8 for traffic at Ocean Ridge Airport ID-Q69 (7 NW elev. 930′, (707) 884-3573)

Right hand traffic both runways. No left hand traffic when landing. Check all three windsocks. If you are uncomfortable with our airstrip’s licensed traffic patterns please land elsewhere.

Landing: Runway 30 has a 300′ displaced threshold (landing distance is 2300′). Calm wind use runway 30.

Runway 12’s airstrip licensing restriction requires an approach of 105° to short final (a straight in approach with a 3° glide slope can intersect the hill on final).

Departure And Go Around (Do not use right hand traffic when departing)

Runway 30 Depart and go-around: Climbing LEFT turn at runway end to 190° to the coastline.

Runway 12 Depart and go-around: Climbing LEFT turn at runway end to 100°.

For more information or weather updates, call The Sea Ranch Associates at (707) 785-2444.

[tabname]Redwood Coast Churches[/tabname]
Point Arena Church


Cypress Way Conference Room

38958 Cypress Way, Gualala

(707) 888-9871

Morning Worship at 10:30 am

Evening Prayer at 5 pm

Evening Worship at 6 pm

THURSDAYS…..Evening Worship 6:30 pm



95 Riverside Drive

(707) 882-1875


Morning Worship 11 am

Mid-Week Refreshing7 pm


For information on local meetings, call

(707) 882-3885


St. Aloysius, School St., Point Arena

(707) 882-1734

Saturday Spanish Mass………..7 pm

Sunday Mass…………………….9 am

Thursday Mass………………….9 am

Mary Star of the Sea, Church St., Gualala

(707) 884-4920

Saturday Spanish Mass………..5 pm

Sunday Mass……………………11 am

Wednesday/Friday Mass………9 am

Blessed Sacrament, 5750 Highway 1, Elk

(707) 937-5808

Vigil Mass for Sunday…Saturday, 4 pm

Vigil Mass for Holy Days Obligation………………………….4 pm


Informal group meets Sundays at 9 am

For information on location, call Carrie or

Don Krieger, (707) 785-2684.


The Episcopal Congregation worships in conjunction with the Lutheran congregation as Shepherd by the Sea at Mary Star of the Sea Church, 39141 Church St., Gualala

SUNDAYS….9 am followed by coffee.



“The Little White Church on the Hill”

(707) 884-4330


Music Program at 8 am

Adult Bible Study at 9:45 am

Morning Worship at 11 am

(Includes Children’s Sunday School and nursery provided)


Open Adult Bible Study at 7 pm


TALC (Teaching As Life Comes at 6 pm


Prayer Meeting at 6 pm


(707) 785-9159


Sitting meditation at Mary Star of the Sea Church, Gualala at 11 am


Lake Street, Point Arena

(707) 882-2198


Public Talk at 10 am

Watchtower Study at 10:35 am


Theocratic Ministry School and Congregational

Bible Study at 7 pm


Local meetings take place the third Saturday of each month at 3 pm hosted by The Commanderie of St. Jude, place and time via appointment. For information, AOIOLKTOL, PO Box 572, Gualala, CA 95445


33801 S. Highway 1, Gualala

(707) 884-3631


Morning service at 11 am

KTDE 100.5 FM Radio program at 12 pm


The Lutheran (ELCA) Congregation worships in conjunction with the Episcopal Congregation as Shepherd by the Sea at Mary Star of the
Sea Church, 39141 Church St., Gualala SUNDAYS….9 am followed by coffee.



15701 Caspar Road, Caspar

(707) 964-6146

Weekly services, 10:30 am on Saturdays. Holiday services, monthly potluck and classes.


(707) 785-3174


Sabbath School at 10 am

Church at 11:15 am


40/50 School St., Point Arena

(707) 882-2074


Bible Study at 9 am

Intergenerational Worship at 10:30 am


Bible Study at 3 pm


27010 Skaggs Springs Rd., Annapolis


Morning service at 11 am, Visitors Welcome


340 Main Street, Point Arena


Service from 7:15-8:15 pm


The Sea Ranch Golf Links designed by Robert Muir Graves, has been widely acclaimed for the manner in which it has been blended into the existing landscape. Each of the 18 holes will challenge you! You can experience the Scottish style of play year round, weather permitting. There is a grass driving range, putting green and chipping green with practice sand bunkers. The Sea Ranch School of golf operates daily with golf instruction for the beginner as well as tune-ups for the experienced golfers. There are rental carts available as well as pull-carts.

California Golf lists The Sea Ranch in the top 10 of the most picturesque courses in California. Golf Today wrote: “Robert Muir Graves has built more than 60 golf courses that have won the praise of the game’s critics and the affection of players of every level of ability and more……his Sea Ranch links is one of America’s first modern day links layouts and the most natural creative solution for the untamed Sonoma shore.”

For additional information phone the Sea Ranch Golf Links at (707)785-2468.

For more information on how you can acquire property in The Sea Ranch area, contact the leading Real Estate Team on the coast. Contact Kennedy & Associates at (707) 884-9000 or email

[tabname]Coast Dining Guide[/tabname]
Dining Guide

Timber Cove

Alexander’s at Timber Cove Inn
(707) 847-3231
Breakfast, lunch, dinner and full bar every day. Sonoma coastal and
California cuisine. Ocean view dining.

Ocean Cove Bar & Grill
(707) 847-3158
Monday-Friday, 4 pm.
Saturday & Sunday, 12 pm
Soups, salads, sandwiches, pastas, ribs and steaks. Homemade desserts.

The Sea Ranch

Black Point Grill at the Sea Ranch Lodge
(707) 785-2371
Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Inspired coastal cuisine with emphasis on the freshest local ingredients. Special holiday menus, winemaker dinners. Full bar.

Twofish Baking Co.
(707) 785-2443
Thurs – Sat. 8 am – 3 pm, Sunday 8 am – 1:30 pm. Pastries, fresh bread, coffee and espresso, sandwiches, calzone, salads. Beer and wine.


(707) 884-1789
Mexican cuisine. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Beer and wine. Monday-Saturday.

Carabajal Sports Bar
(707) 884-1835
Lunch and dinner, full bar. Open daily. Outdoor dining available with ocean views.

Gualala Hotel Bar & Restaurant
(707) 884-3441
Located at 39301 S. Highway 1, Gualala, CA 95445

Gualala Pizza & Bakery
(707) 884-4055
Pastries, pizza-whole or by the slice, Mexican and Chinese food, ice cream.

Gualala Supermarket
(707) 884-1205
Deli, cold and hot foods.

Sandbar Restaurant
(707) 884-3232
Located at 39300 S. Highway 1, Gualala, CA 95445

St. Orres
(707) 884-3335
North Coast Cuisine. Full bar. Open daily at 5:30. Sunday Brunch from 10 am – 2 pm.

Surf Supermarket
(707) 884-4184
Deli and hot food section, coffee bar.

Trink’s Café
Coffee, espresso, daily lunch specials, gourmet desserts made fresh daily. Monday, Wednesday and Friday dinner specials. Ocean views, outdoor dining.

Upper Crust Pizzeria
(707) 884-1324
Wide variety of handmade pizzas. Eat-in or Take-out.

Anchor Bay

Blue Canoe Coffee & Tea
(707) 884-1800
Coffee, espresso, tea and more.

(707) 884-1735
Mexican and American cuisine.

Anchor Bay Thai Bistro
(707) 884-4141
Tuesday-Sunday. Thai Cuisine, beer and wine, reservations accepted for parties of 8 or more. Take out available. New specials every week.

Point Arena

215 Main
(707) 882-3215
Local beers and wines. Panini, sandwiches and light fare. Age 21 and over ONLY. Open daily from 3 pm to 11 pm.

Pier Chowder House & Tap Room
(707) 882-3400
Seafood, steaks and more. Local wines and 31 beers on tap. Open daily from 11 am to 9 pm.

Pizza n Cream
(707) 882-1900
Wide variety of handmade pizzas. Ice cream. Beer and wine. Dine in or Take out.

Rollerville Café
(707) 882-2077
Home-style cuisine. Beer and Wine. Open daily at 8 am.

The River Grill at Garcia River Casino
(707) 467-5320
Breakfast served all day, burgers, fish and chips and more. Daily dinner specials. Beer and wine. Open daily until 10 pm.

[tabname]Community Service Groups[/tabname]

Action Network Gualala (707)884-5413

Action Network Point Arena (707)882-1691

Equinox Care Facility-Senior Live-In Facility (707)884-4561

Garcia Grange (707)882-3425

Gualala Community Center (707)884-3179 (reservations and information)

Gualala Lions Club (707)884-9606

Mendocino County Humane Society (707)884-1304

Point Arena High School Boosters Club (707)886-5347

Point Arena Lions Club (707)882-2307

Point Arena Lighthouse Keepers, Inc. (707)882-2777

Point Arena Merchants Association (707)882-3017

Rotary International (707)785-3684 or (707)785-2494

RCMS Auxiliary (707)884-4005

Shamli Volunteer Hospice (707)884-9474, ext. 108

Soroptomist International (707)884-1109 or (707)884-9441

South Coast Seniors (707)882-2137


Anchor Bay Amateur Radio Club (707)886-5148

North Coast Martial Arts & Fitness (707)785-2288

North Coast Sports Fishing & Diving Association

Physical Gym (707)884-1555

Point Arena Dance Studio (707)882-2125


High-speed, wireless internet increasingly available in Gualala

The Silicon Coast Users Group (707)886-5148


Fort Ross Interpretive Association (707)847-3437

Gualala River Watershed Council (707)886-5148

Matrix of Change (707)785-3789

Redwood Coast Education Foundation (707)887-3728

Redwood Coast Land Conservancy (707)785-3327


Coast Community Library (707)882-3114

Gualala Arts (707)884-1138

North Coast Artists Guild (707)886-5347

The Sea Ranch Thespians (707)785-2548


Point Arena City Hall- (707)882-2122

Gualala Municipal Advisory Committee (GMAC)

Gualala Community Services District (GCSD) (707)785-2331

Redwood Coast Chamber of Commerce (707) 884-1080


Emergency 911

Sheriff’s Department, Mendocino County (707)463-4096

Sheriff’s Department, Sonoma County (707)527-2511

Poison Control Center 800-523-2222

Highway Conditions Information 800-427-7623

Ocean and Weather Conditions (707)847-3222

Humane Society (707)884-1304


Alcoholics Anonymous (707)884-1401

AIDS Hotline 800-367-2437

Crisis Line, South Coast 800-575-4357

ESCAPES Crisis Intervention (707)884-3727

Youth Project and Violence Prevention (707)882-1945

[tabname]Area Schools[/tabname]

  • Arena Union Elementary School, Point Arena (707)882-2131
  • Fort Ross School, Fort Ross (707)847-3390
  • Horicon School, Annapolis (707)886-5322
  • Kashia Reservation School, Stewart’s Point (707)785-9682
  • Manchester Elementary School, Manchester (707)882-2374
  • Pacific Community Charter School (707)882-4131
  • Point Arena Little School, Point Arena (Private Pre-school) (707)882-2213
  • Point Arena High School, Point Arena (707)882-2134
  • Point Arena District Office (707)882-2803
  • Pacific Community Charter School, Point Arena (707)882-4131
  • South Coast High School, Point Arena (707)882-2307

[tabname]Area Emergency Services[/tabname]


FIRE & RESCUE (non-emergency calls)

Redwood Coast Volunteer Fire Department

Manchester (serving north of Iverson Road to Irish Beach)



Gualala (serving south of Iverson Road to the Gualala River)



The Sea Ranch (serving The Sea Ranch to Stewarts Point)



Mendocino County: Sheriff – Coroner

(707)463-4411 Ukiah

(707)961-2421 Toll Free – Fort Bragg

(707)882-2331- Point Arena

Sonoma County: Sheriff – Coroner (707)565-2511 Santa Rosa


Point Arena Station: (707)882-2151

Burn Days: 800-544-2876 (Sonoma County)

The Sea Ranch Station: (707)785-2335

Burn Days: (707)565-2876 (Mendocino County)


Administration (707)884-1216







TDD Hotline 1-800-972-3323


Mendocino County:

Shelter (707)964-2718

Humane Society (707)884-1304

Sonoma County:

Shelter (707)565-7100

Fawn Rescue Center (707)833-6727

Wild Life Rescue (707)526-9453

Humane Society (707)884-1304

Marine Mammal Center (415) 289-7325

Other Services:

Action Network Gualala (707)884-5413

Action Network Point Arena (707) 882-1691

FFAIR [Free From Abuse in Relationships, formerly ESCAPES]

Hotline (707)884-3727, Office (707)884-3924

Mendocino Youth Project and Violence Prevention

English and Spanish (24 hrs.) (707)882-1945

Crises Line South Coast 800-575-4357

AA Alcoholics Anonymous (707)884-1401

Adult Children of Alcoholics (707)884-4127

Al Anon (707)785-2795

Al Ateen (707)882-1945

Aids Hotline 800-367-2437