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Home Buying in a Seller’s Market

The real estate market is a roller coaster, sometimes favoring buyers, sometimes sellers.   Regardless of where it is at any time you can still get what you want if you’re prepared.

Determine how much your market favors sellers. Look at the numbers of months unsold inventory has been on the market.

Start shopping early. Look online to get a feel of the market, browse real estate websites for new listings. Sign on with your Kennedy agent to get notifications as new listings come on the market.

Determine your top priorities.  Decide where you can compromise and where you can’t before you shop.  Separate your wants from your needs.

Line up your financing. Get preapproved for a mortgage before you start shopping.

Be prepared to act fast. When you see a new listing, you may only have hours to make an offer in a seller’s market.

Author: Cassie Henderson

The Mendocino coast is an extraordinary place of natural beauty. It's proximity to the San Francisco Bay Area make it a perfect vacation and second home location for getting away from busy city life. I have been visiting the area since 1985 and a full time resident of the coast since 2000. My in-depth knowledge of the coastal communities is an asset for those interested in purchasing property in the area. I have a background in county planning, environmental studies, sustainable agriculture and local service industries. My interests and areas of focus include residential properties, bare land, and responsible development. I have an in depth knowledge concerning the permitting process and can help clients make wise development decisions within the Coastal Zone and inland areas. I take special care that my client’s needs are met and that the process of buying or selling real estate on the coast is an easy stress-free process. I know the coast, from oceanfront to back roads.

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